The Aerobin 200
The Aerobin 400

  • 200 or 400 Litre Options

    There are two Aerobin models available to buy.

    The Aerobin 200 when assembled measures 510mm x 510mm and stands 1175mm high (approximately 1' 8" x 1' 8", 3' 10" tall).
    It has a volume of around 200 litres and can weigh up to 200kg when loaded.
    An empty Aerobin 200 weighs around 13kg.

    The Aerobin 400 when assembled measures 740mm x 740mm and stands 1200mm high (approximately 2' 5" x 2' 5", 3' 11" tall).
    It has a volume of around 400 litres and can weigh up to 400kg when loaded.
    An empty Aerobin 400 weighs around 26kg.

  • Moisture Recirculation System

    The Aerobin gets hot and you will often see water vapour rising when you take the lid off. This helps maintain the correct moisture level of biomass.

  • Aeration Lung

    The Aeration Lung runs through the centre of the composting material. Its is a sturdy arrangement of cones and tubes that provides ventilation to the centre of the composting material. This is critical in achieving aerobic composting. No digging or turning of the compost is required.

  • Leachate Reservoir

    Rich compost 'tea' is collected in a reservoir at the base of the Aerobin, this can be drained and used as a liquid fertiliser when diluted approximately 20 parts water to 1 part leachate.

  • Insulated Walls and Lid

    Keep the heat in and provide optimum conditions for rapid composting all year round, even in freezing conditions.

  • High Operating Temperature

    The Aerobin can reach really quite amazing temperatures that are capable of killing most seeds, pathogens and weeds.

  • Vermin Resistant

    Install the Aerobin on a firm base, for example paving slabs, bricks or heavy timber.

  • Large Access Doors

    There are two large and fully removable access doors to aid removal of the composted material. The lid is fully removable and can be hung on the sides of the Aerobin.