A Balance of Carbon and Nitrogen

Its important to provide a variety of materials to your Aerobin and maintain the correct level of moisture.

Aim to provide a good mix of carbon and nitrogen rich materials. Try to add these materials either mixed, or, as is often more practical, in layers.

Carbon rich materials include things such as newspaper (shredded or scrunched up) cardboard, twigs (shredded or broken) dry leaves, straw and wood shavings.

Nitrogen rich materials include fruit and vegetables, plant foliage, weeds, grass clippings and kitchen waste.

Most households or businesses will produce more of a certain sort of material and gluts at certain times. Cutting the grass at the weekend and adding all the trimmings in a single go can cause your compost heap to go anaerobic (see What is Aerobic Composting?). The moisture levels will be difficult to control and composting will slow. Keep a bag of of carbon rich materials like non-compacted dry leaves or strips of cardboard and add these between each layer of grass clippings.

For more and fuller information see the composting tips guide included with your Aerobin, or visit the Aerobin composting tips page.

Composting Cooked Food Waste

Some people choose to add cooked food waste, including cooked and uncooked meat and fish to an Aerobin. However, there are things to be aware of; cooked waste will probably attract vermin and flies. if your Aerobin is functioning well then the cooked food waste will be composted very quickly. Cooked food waste often has a higher moisture content than other waste, so be careful to offset this with drier materials to avoid your compost becoming water logged and anaerobic. I feel that if an Aerobin is effectively composting lots uncooked organic matter, adding small amounts of cooked waste will probably not cause an issue. If flies become a problem cover each layer of cooked food waste with a layer of grass clippings.

If It All Goes Wrong

Don't worry, if you add something and it all goes wrong you can always remove it though the access door onto a tarpaulin. If you added too much of something mix with a balancing ingredient and add back through the top of your Aerobin.

Happy Composting!

Composting effectively is so much easier with an Aerobin. The rewards are clear; useful garden compost and liquid fertiliser and a huge amount of your household and garden waste will be processed and reduced on site leaving the bare minimum for the council to collect.